For farmers to dream of the devil, denotes blasted crops and deathamong stock, also family sickness. Sporting people should heedthis dream as a warning to be careful of their affairs, as they arelikely to venture beyond the laws of their State. For a preacher,this dream is undeniable proof that he is over-zealous, and shouldforebear worshiping God by tongue-lashing his neighbor.To dream of the devil as being a large, imposingly dressed person,wearing many sparkling jewels on his body and hands, trying topersuade you to enter his abode, warns you that unscrupulouspersons are seeking your ruin by the most ingenious flattery.Young and innocent women, should seek the stronghold of friends afterthis dream, and avoid strange attentions, especially from married men.Women of low character, are likely to be robbed of jewels and moneyby seeming strangers.Beware of associating with the devil, even in dreams. He is alwaysthe forerunner of despair. If you dream of being pursued by his majesty,you will fall into snares set for you by enemies in the guise of friends.To a lover, this denotes that he will be won away from his allegianceby a wanton.

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