To dream of seeing good-looking and fat cattle contentedlygrazing in green pastures, denotes prosperity and happinessthrough a congenial and pleasant companion.To see cattle lean and shaggy, and poorly fed, you will be likely to toilall your life because of misspent energy and dislike of details of work.Correct your habits after this dream.To see cattle stampeding, means that you will have to exert all the powersof command you have to keep your career in a profitable channel.To see a herd of cows at milking time, you will be thesuccessful owner of wealth that many have worked to obtain.To a young woman this means that her affections will not sufferfrom the one of her choice.To dream of milking cows with udders well filled, great good fortuneis in store for you. If the calf has stolen the milk, it signifies thatyou are about to lose your lover by slowness to show your reciprocity,or your property from neglect of business.To see young calves in your dream, you will become a greatfavorite in society and win the heart of a loyal person.For business, this dream indicates profit from sales.For a lover, the entering into bonds that will be respected.If the calves are poor, look for about the same, except thatthe object sought will be much harder to obtain.Long-horned and dark, vicious cattle, denote enemies.[33] See Calves.

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