Vivid dreams

Many respondents complained about vivid dreams. Some explained that dreams were so vivid that they had problems to separate waking and dreaming realities. No doubt that fear to be labeled as (slightly) insane also is an issue. Two respondent expressed being uneasy to tell about their experiences with vivid dreams.

Drawing from my own experience, I can come up with the following observations that may be of help to others:

* Sleeping problems can in a nasty way interfere with the transgression between the dreaming reality and the waking reality. If it feels like you awake every other minute, it is possible you have something on your mind that bothers you. The last thing you need is intruding and confusing memories of dreams. Also, because you wake up so often, you may remember much and much more of your dreams then you're accustomed too. Personally I'm at ease with remembering many of my dreams, but being continuously thrown around between dreaming and waking states is an entirely different matter.

If you are aware of something bothering you, you may have found a solution to your sleep problem. For example, I can get into this type of sleeping / dreaming problem when I try to force myself standing up while my body refuses and insists on sleeping for a few hours longer.

* Fever (and perhaps medication too - I don't know) can make things even worse, generating endlessly repeating images that feel a maddening torture.

* Vivid dreams can be unsettling because they challenge your normal view of the world and may have you fear for you sanity. Here at last I can offer some comfort: as long as you don't start hallucinating during the normal daily activities, I don't think there is anything to be afraid of.

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