Affirmations and OOBE

am assuming that some, if not all of you have heard of Rick Stack's book "Out-Of-Body Adventures". If you have not, I would recommend it as a supplement to the Monroe books or any other books on the subject. I think it has some good information which adds to and coroborates Robert Monroes methodology, as well as others.

One thing I really like about his book, is the format is very straight forward and easy to read through in a couple sittings. It has a very different tone than alot of the other OOBE books, because it gets right down to the nitty-gritty and gives specific techniques and theories with interspersed stories from Rick's OOBE's and some of his students OOBE's as well. Showing that the average person can have OOBE's easily and is encouraged to do so.

One of his techniques for OOBE's as well as lucid dreams, centers around the use of affirmations. Affirmations, are just a way of focusing your desires or beliefs in a positive way, for enhancing or attracting new experiences, or helping in visualization of a goal.

I know that the idea of auto-suggestions or affirmations is nothing new, but I think Rick explains it in a very easy-to-understand manner and has touched on some areas that others have skimmed over to a degree. Also his techniques of working with beliefs and fears is VERY helpful especially since my recent posting have been about fears induced by a certain belief system that shall remain nameless.....

I have found the following affirmations to be very helpful and have been combining them with the Gateway affirmation for added effect. I feel that they are working to my benefit, but as I explain below, I have been confronting other difficulties as well.

Rick's Affirmation:
I am going to have an out-of-body experience.
I am going to let myself drop off to sleep, but
I am going to bring this waking consciousness with me wherever I go.
I am going to leave my body with full awareness.
(Repeat often, while going to sleep)

One of My custom affirmations:
(TMI-Gateway affirmation, with "guidance" extension)
Tonight I will travel out-of-body. I am going to allow myself to fall asleep, but I will bring this waking consciousness with me wherever I go. I will leave with full awareness, and recall all that occurs, upon awakening.
(Repeat same as above)
This affirmation has not resulted in an actual OBE yet, but has spurred some very vivid Lucid Dreams, two of them ending up in a return from inner reality to the conscious vibrational state. For some reason, when I find myself spontaneously in the vibrational state, either napping or coming out of a LD, I always sabotage it and wake up fully physically conscious.

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